Pokhara: The land of beauty, mystery and adventure

Acknowledged as one of the most beautiful city in the lap of Nepal, Pokhara has forever been marked as a major tourist destination for all the foreigners visiting Nepal.  For those who are willing to visit Pokhara you can access the city by airways and roadways from Kathmandu. For there are several airlines and travel agents who provide several attractive packages according to your requirements and budget.

While my experience is completely based on my college trip, I endow you some of the best destinations to roam inside the city.

1.David’s Fall & Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave:

Located around 2km south on the way to Butwal, the water fall has its own story to relay. According to the myth, a Swiss traveler named David along with his girlfriend tumbled into the sinkhole from which the name David fall got generated.

You might be wandering it’s just a simple waterfall which we see everywhere, but this water fall has failed the prediction of many for the waterfall can be seen flowing partially while the rest is vanished underground. One can hear the sound of the flowing water while walking inside the cave of Gupteshwar Mahadev but cannot see the direction in which it is flowing. The waterfall is open from 6 am to 6p.m while the entry fee is approximately $1 USD.

2. Seti River Gorge:

Flowing through the rifts of conglomerate mountain, Seti River (White River) flows nearly 40 -50 meter down the valley. It is believed that the high current water flows through the center of Pokhara valley but can only be seen from KI Singh Bridge, Mahendra Bridge and Chinese Bridge.

To take a glimpse of the beautiful river there is no entry fee so tourist can take a stroll around the local market area around the river.

3.Peace Pagoda:

To reach the peace pagoda (Buddhist Pagoda) one can take the roadways, hiking trial and even boat ways. Situated right across the Phewa Lake, one has to take a boat in order to reach the foot trail for hiking. The pagoda is open for all kinds of visitors there is no ticket or entry charge for any visitors willing to take a look around.

As the pagoda is situated in a top of hill it gives a mesmerizing view of the Phewa Lake beneath, Mount Annapurna and the landscapes of Pokhara.

4.City of Lakes:

Pokhara is not only blessed with rivers and water fall but also with several lakes. There are lakes like Phewa, Begnas, Rupa, Maidi, Neureni, Dipang and Khaste Lake. One can go for boating in the lake which costs nearly about $ 30 USD. Visiting Pokhara region and excluding Lake Visit is like missing dessert after dinner.

The boating is not allowed during rainy season’s i.e in the month of June, July and August. If you are a nature lover one must opt for boating for you can even bird watch while at a same time take a look at the white Himalayan range.

5.Bat Cave:

A dark cave filled with hundred of bats isn’t it spooky? But for the adventure seeker you may love the bat cave experience. Exploring the underground cave in the presence of 100 of bats hanging right above your head definitely gives you a silent fear.

Inside the cave there are security personals giving your full security while exploring the bat cave. The ticket price varies on the nationality i.e a separate price for SAARC countries and other nationalities. The price of ticket is approximately $10 USD while its open from 11:00 am to 5p.m while it may be closed during public holidays.


Not only nature lover even sports lover can take a ludicrous paragliding experience.  In the Sarangkot area the adventurous activity take place costing you around $100 USD for 20 minutes flight.

You get to travel around with an experienced pilot so you don’t have to be scared. The paragliding experience can be obtained during clear weather when it’s not raining.

Well, these are few attractions of Pokhara I will soon post the remaining tourist destinations inside Pokhara followed by the best Budgeted hotels, restaurants and nearby tourists destination. Stay tuned! For I have a long list of experience inside the Pokhara.



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