Kalinchowk: Hike to white natural landscape

In the end of February 2017, the journey towards Kalinchowk began. The distance to Kalinchowk from Kathmandu is approximately 132 km away and 18 km away from Charikot in Dolakha region, the valley destines you towards an unexpected hiking trial. The reason why we chose Kalinchowk in Feb is due to its snowy landscape and the beautiful white Himalayan range which we would have missed if we had traveled during other months.

We reserved a vehicle from Kathmandu to travel till Charikot after that a van from our hotels came to pick us as the snow was slippery to travel in random vehicle. While one can take public transport from Bus Park to Charikot or even reserve private vehicle from several travel agent or travel in packages (for they are lot more affordable). On the way to Kalinchowk there is a China market (known as Khasa bazar)where you can do heaps of shopping at best affordable price, so it’s an additional benefit for the travelers who love shopping.

While one can even hike to Kuri village, near to Kalinchowk for about 8-9 hrs or even take a vehicle till Kuri village. On the way you can eat your lunch in random hotels and it will cost you around $3 USD for a non-veg platter and $2USD for a vegetarian platter. There are few hotels and lodges in Kuri village which charge you around $10 USD per night or less for a night stay. During season i.e during December to February the cost may hike up.

From Kuri village you need to hike for 4 hrs to actually reach Kalinchowk temple which lies on the height of 3800m and trust me the trekking to Kalinchowk shrine is totally worth it for you will get to see an amazing view from the top of the mountain. You will get to see the white snowy land beneath you while a beautiful shining Himalayas aside you. You can take a rest for a night and start hiking the next day and even return back to Kathmandu the very same day. While as for us we had planned a trip for one night two day trip which was totally worth.

As the region is extremely cold I suggest every hikers to wear a shoes having grip for you will slip while walk in normal shoes. Plus the weather in Kalinchowk is extremely cold in night I advise you to wear warm clothes, thermal and track which prevents the cold air from getting you. You will even need a torch light in case you reach the Kuri village at night time (possible chances of load shedding due to extreme snow). If you reach late you must inform you lodge otherwise you will end up starving at night.

I had a splendid experience while hiking towards Kalinchowk temple. It gave me a feeling like Deepika Padukone felt in movie “Yeah Jawani Hye Deewani”( you should surely watch that movie) on her Manali(India) trip. If I had missed it Id have missed the whole feeling of achievement, it gave me a lesson of “after every stormy and difficult night there comes a bright sunny day”.

I enjoyed my short trip, I will be updating more about Kalinchowk in my next blog, I ll post the best available hotels in Kuri village and Charikot at best and reasonable price. Hope you liked it! Positive as well as negative feedback are always welcome!




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