Top Five pocket friendly places to Eat when inside the Kathmandu Valley?

Food tourism has become a trending aspiration for the travelers. At present travelers are not only exploring the streets and culture of particular destinations but are also seeking to embrace their taste bud with the local cuisines of the country. So keeping the budgeted travelers in mind I bring you some of the best affordable eating spots (restaurants, cafes) which are below $5 USD dollars and which gives you a smacking experience.

1.BOTA, the MO: MO (dumpling) hub:

Bota “Simply MO: MO” is one of the finest dumpling eating places in Kathmandu. With its several outlets situated in Anamnagar, Basantapur, Kamalpokhari it has been serving its customer’s momo licious (dumpling ci ous) assortment. The station serves you several options of MO: MO from Jhol Momo (Soupy Dumplings) to Crunchy Dumplings to Jumbo Mo: mo.

The quick service system, an airy sitting arrangements and pocket-friendly food menu have made it a best Mo: mo station in town. With the use of rich Nepalese texture in the food and authentic serving style yes I consider this place to be my regular junction. Besides Mo: mo, BOTO serves you hygienic vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian stick foods, noodles, burger and fried rice.  The price of the food range from $2 USD – $3 USD and it opens from 11:00 am to 20:30 pm.

2.Tip Top, the Samosa Galli:

Tip top has its own uniqueness of serving the hot Licious samosas ( a fried dish with savoury fillings of potatoes, chickpeas, and spices). What makes the dish so special is their unique spicy tangy sweet sauce with the hot samosas serving. The price of samosa range Rs.25-30 per piece (Nepalese Currency) which is just a few USD cents.

The shop is located on a narrow street of New Road right across Bishal Bazar complex. It is one of the most crowded eatery shops and has limited seats. So, visitors, “standing and eating” principle applies there. It is a pure vegetarian place and is open from 7 a.m to 20:00 p.m. One more thing if you are unable to locate the place you can ask any random passerby they will guide you towards the destination.

3.Laphing, at the Laphing house:

Located right inside the territory of Basantapur, the Laphing house has been serving all kinds of Laphing ( A Tibetan food) delicacy to its customers. The food consists of a noodle made from potato starch or flour soaked in vinegar, spices and is served cold.

The food costs you less than $1 USD and gives you a mesmerizing local culinary experience. The place is clean and hygienic and has been serving both vegan and non-vegan laphing followed by Hukka since several years.

4.Thakali food, at Tukuche Thakali Kitchen:

Thakali foods got originated inside the Kathmandu valley from the Mustang District of Nepal. Tukuche Thakali Kitchen successfully brought the Thakali eating culture and has been serving the platter since 1997 to the localities and the visitors across the globe. The Kitchen serves you with all kind of meals from the Thakali background and allows you to experience the cultural taste of the Mustang region.

The Kitchen is located at Gairidhara, Kathmandu and is open from 11 a.m to 21:00 p.m. The dinner for one costs you around $5 USD which in my opinion is somewhat under your budget.

5.Bajeko Sekuwa, for meat cravers:

A nice dinner, lunch or breakfast, Bajeko Sekuwa has forever been serving its customer since decades. The corner servers several meat items spiced in their own special herbs due to which the venture has successfully become a landmark for the non-vegetarians.

The restaurants have outlets in areas like Anamnagar, Sinamangal, Baneswor, and Gairidhara. The restaurant is quite trendy and serves all kinds of snacks, lunch, and dinner. While the authentic Nepali lunch and dinner set costs you around $4 USD the snacks and drink costs around $2 USD.

Well, the above five eating places are some of the renowned and pocket-friendly places for the food travelers. I hope when you visit Nepal you will go and enjoy the places and obviously give me some positive feed backs about your stay in Kathmandu along with your foodie experience! Have a great culinary experience and will be posting more!