Sundarijal: The shortest Hiking Destination inside Kathmandu Valley

Sundarijal is one of the closest hiking spots for the travelers willing to explore the nature. Located just on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley i.e 15 km away from the central region of Kathmandu is a perfect place for the travelers seeking a short hike.

The nature lover willing to explore the flora and fauna can take a public transport from the Kathmandu Bus Park in New-road which costs around Rs.50-100 i.e $ 1 USD or takes a private cab which may cost around $10 USD. The hiking commences from the last stop and can be continued till the top Shiva Puri National Park or till the Sundarijal waterfall.

The best part of hiking is that one has to go through the villages which we are sure is quite interesting for the travelers who are willing to know more about the Nepalese lifestyle.

For a fast walker, it approximately takes an hour to reach the waterfall while for a slow pace walker it may take 2 hours.There are several local hotels serving Nepali delicacy on the way towards the waterfall.


The best time to visit Sundarijal is during rainy season’s i.e June, July, and August while the forest around Sundarijal gets covered with Rhododendrons flower during March-April.  In season there is an entry ticket varying on the nationalities i.e a separate price for SAARC nationalities and different for Foreign nationals.

The hiking trail is bit rough and slippery during rainy days so the travelers are requested to wear comfortable shoes which have grips. We also request the travelers to carry a set of clothes in case you want to take a dip in the waterfall.

As the hiking trail goes through the forest, for the bird watcher it can be a heavenly experience. The area is under a strict supervision of the Nepalese army so it is safe for the travelers. After a hectic walk for hours, the cold spring water relieves all your stress and makes your hard work fruitful.

There are no lodges or guest house in the area while the last vehicle from Sundarijal leaves around 4 P.M.  So, the travelers have to wrap up their hiking trip within 4 p.m in the evening if you are taking public transport. There are no markets to buy any kind of souvenir to take as a memory.

Well, we had visited this place in the month of July and we really loved our hiking trip. Hope so you will also enjoy the short trip when you are traveling to Kathmandu.