Kalinchowk: Hike to white natural landscape

In the end of February 2017, the journey towards Kalinchowk began. The distance to Kalinchowk from Kathmandu is approximately 132 km away and 18 km away from Charikot in Dolakha region, the valley destines you towards an unexpected hiking trial. The reason why we chose Kalinchowk in Feb is due to its snowy landscape and the beautiful white Himalayan range which we would have missed if we had traveled during other months.

We reserved a vehicle from Kathmandu to travel till Charikot after that a van from our hotels came to pick us as the snow was slippery to travel in random vehicle. While one can take public transport from Bus Park to Charikot or even reserve private vehicle from several travel agent or travel in packages (for they are lot more affordable). On the way to Kalinchowk there is a China market (known as Khasa bazar)where you can do heaps of shopping at best affordable price, so it’s an additional benefit for the travelers who love shopping.

While one can even hike to Kuri village, near to Kalinchowk for about 8-9 hrs or even take a vehicle till Kuri village. On the way you can eat your lunch in random hotels and it will cost you around $3 USD for a non-veg platter and $2USD for a vegetarian platter. There are few hotels and lodges in Kuri village which charge you around $10 USD per night or less for a night stay. During season i.e during December to February the cost may hike up.

From Kuri village you need to hike for 4 hrs to actually reach Kalinchowk temple which lies on the height of 3800m and trust me the trekking to Kalinchowk shrine is totally worth it for you will get to see an amazing view from the top of the mountain. You will get to see the white snowy land beneath you while a beautiful shining Himalayas aside you. You can take a rest for a night and start hiking the next day and even return back to Kathmandu the very same day. While as for us we had planned a trip for one night two day trip which was totally worth.

As the region is extremely cold I suggest every hikers to wear a shoes having grip for you will slip while walk in normal shoes. Plus the weather in Kalinchowk is extremely cold in night I advise you to wear warm clothes, thermal and track which prevents the cold air from getting you. You will even need a torch light in case you reach the Kuri village at night time (possible chances of load shedding due to extreme snow). If you reach late you must inform you lodge otherwise you will end up starving at night.

I had a splendid experience while hiking towards Kalinchowk temple. It gave me a feeling like Deepika Padukone felt in movie “Yeah Jawani Hye Deewani”( you should surely watch that movie) on her Manali(India) trip. If I had missed it Id have missed the whole feeling of achievement, it gave me a lesson of “after every stormy and difficult night there comes a bright sunny day”.

I enjoyed my short trip, I will be updating more about Kalinchowk in my next blog, I ll post the best available hotels in Kuri village and Charikot at best and reasonable price. Hope you liked it! Positive as well as negative feedback are always welcome!




Pokhara: The land of beauty, mystery and adventure

Acknowledged as one of the most beautiful city in the lap of Nepal, Pokhara has forever been marked as a major tourist destination for all the foreigners visiting Nepal.  For those who are willing to visit Pokhara you can access the city by airways and roadways from Kathmandu. For there are several airlines and travel agents who provide several attractive packages according to your requirements and budget.

While my experience is completely based on my college trip, I endow you some of the best destinations to roam inside the city.

1.David’s Fall & Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave:

Located around 2km south on the way to Butwal, the water fall has its own story to relay. According to the myth, a Swiss traveler named David along with his girlfriend tumbled into the sinkhole from which the name David fall got generated.

You might be wandering it’s just a simple waterfall which we see everywhere, but this water fall has failed the prediction of many for the waterfall can be seen flowing partially while the rest is vanished underground. One can hear the sound of the flowing water while walking inside the cave of Gupteshwar Mahadev but cannot see the direction in which it is flowing. The waterfall is open from 6 am to 6p.m while the entry fee is approximately $1 USD.

2. Seti River Gorge:

Flowing through the rifts of conglomerate mountain, Seti River (White River) flows nearly 40 -50 meter down the valley. It is believed that the high current water flows through the center of Pokhara valley but can only be seen from KI Singh Bridge, Mahendra Bridge and Chinese Bridge.

To take a glimpse of the beautiful river there is no entry fee so tourist can take a stroll around the local market area around the river.

3.Peace Pagoda:

To reach the peace pagoda (Buddhist Pagoda) one can take the roadways, hiking trial and even boat ways. Situated right across the Phewa Lake, one has to take a boat in order to reach the foot trail for hiking. The pagoda is open for all kinds of visitors there is no ticket or entry charge for any visitors willing to take a look around.

As the pagoda is situated in a top of hill it gives a mesmerizing view of the Phewa Lake beneath, Mount Annapurna and the landscapes of Pokhara.

4.City of Lakes:

Pokhara is not only blessed with rivers and water fall but also with several lakes. There are lakes like Phewa, Begnas, Rupa, Maidi, Neureni, Dipang and Khaste Lake. One can go for boating in the lake which costs nearly about $ 30 USD. Visiting Pokhara region and excluding Lake Visit is like missing dessert after dinner.

The boating is not allowed during rainy season’s i.e in the month of June, July and August. If you are a nature lover one must opt for boating for you can even bird watch while at a same time take a look at the white Himalayan range.

5.Bat Cave:

A dark cave filled with hundred of bats isn’t it spooky? But for the adventure seeker you may love the bat cave experience. Exploring the underground cave in the presence of 100 of bats hanging right above your head definitely gives you a silent fear.

Inside the cave there are security personals giving your full security while exploring the bat cave. The ticket price varies on the nationality i.e a separate price for SAARC countries and other nationalities. The price of ticket is approximately $10 USD while its open from 11:00 am to 5p.m while it may be closed during public holidays.


Not only nature lover even sports lover can take a ludicrous paragliding experience.  In the Sarangkot area the adventurous activity take place costing you around $100 USD for 20 minutes flight.

You get to travel around with an experienced pilot so you don’t have to be scared. The paragliding experience can be obtained during clear weather when it’s not raining.

Well, these are few attractions of Pokhara I will soon post the remaining tourist destinations inside Pokhara followed by the best Budgeted hotels, restaurants and nearby tourists destination. Stay tuned! For I have a long list of experience inside the Pokhara.



The unforgotten chimes of Boudha Nath Stupa

Budhham Saranam Gachyami” is the spell which replenish the morning vibes around Boudhanath Stupa. Located in the neighborhood of Chabahil, Kathmandu the stupa possesses congruent features of Swayambhu Nath stupa. Surrounded by the beautiful artistic buildings, the stupa has its own charm of tantalizing the visitors aspiration of travelling. Well, to be honest this is one of the nearest and dearest destination which has forever provoked me to adapt the habit of morning walk.

So as per my experience, the best time to visit the destination is either early morning or evening. One can head towards the place by taking a public transport like tempo or bus which charges you with a minimal amount of Rs.20-Rs.25 varying on your hotel location while you can also take a private cab (taxi) which would charge you around Rs.300-Rs 500. But to exactly take the taste of Nepalese lifestyle I recommend you to take a public transport.

Similarly, due to the earthquake in Kathmandu in 2015 it had got affected by it but at present the renovation and construction work has finished and is open for all the visitors. The entrance fee for Boudha Nath Stupa is between $20 USD to $30 USD for foreigners.

As the Stupa is located in Buddhist community one can embrace the taste of local Buddhist food like Laphing, Mo:Mo, Tumba (local drink) and other Buddhist food fusion. One can also get a quick taste of Asian cuisines like Japanese and Italian inside the monastery area. Due to the presence of several roof top restaurants one can peacefully sit in one corner and take a glamorous look of the area and enjoy the pleasant morning or evening weather.

Caption: Laphing, the most liked dishes of Buddhist community.

While at a same time you can also walk around Boudha area for quick window shopping as there are several antiques shop selling jewelry, beautiful china set, Thanka paintings ,artistic sculptures, clothes, perfumes,  scented candlestick and many more.

I sincerely hope you will like my recommended area while you are staying in Kathmandu, Nepal. This place inside the Kathmandu valley is located in Boudha area, a neighborhood of Chhabahil which is not so far and is easily accessible from every nook and corner. If you really want to explore Kathmandu within a short span of time then Boudha Nath should be noted in your priority list for it sincerely rejuvenates your inner peace and make your travelling purpose successful.

Have a happy stay!!



Top Five Budgeted Hotels for Bag packers when taking a look of Kathmandu valley

Every year hundreds of tourists from the neighboring countries and continents flock inside Kathmandu valley. The city has been receiving tourists for business, religious and entertainment purpose therefore for those travelers who are seeking to take a tour of the K-town within a limited budget we bring you top five hotels in Kathmandu valley where the bag packers can enjoy their stay at a minimal cost.

1.Hotel Family Home:

Resided at the heart of Kathmandu,  Ashok Galli Jyatha, Thamel. Hotel Family Home has been giving excellent service to its guests.  The hotel provides internet facility, laundry service, concierge, airport pickups and drops and air-conditioned room.

The rooms of the hotel are clean and nicely furnished while the rates of the room fall in between $15 USD approx to $42 USD depending upon the tourist season. Additional discount can be obtained if booked through several online hotels sites like Expedia and Trip Advisor.

2.Hotel Blue Horizon:

With no less than 4 star reviews, Hotel Blue Horizon has been considered to be the most budgeted hotels in Kathmandu. Located in the serenity of Thamel nearby, the cultural heritage area Basantapur, the hotel has been giving quality service to the visitors.

The hotel gives you the service of free Wifi, Room service, restaurants, free parking, laundry service and airport transportation. The price of the hotel falls between $12 USD to $35 USD varying on the seasonal basis. The room can be booked on an additional discount through Expedia, Trip Advisor, and several other booking agencies, a website for an additional discount.

3.Kathmandu Eco Hotel:

With the review of 4.5 stars, Kathmandu Eco Hotel provides you suits, deluxe room, and standard rooms. Keeping a tab on the environment, the hotel is a non-smoking hotel and is located in Thamel.

The hotel provides the facilities of free wifi, breakfast, airport transfers, room service, bar, and restaurants. The price of the room varies from $20 USD to $60 USD varying on the selection of the room. One can avail for more discounts if booked from Trip Advisor, Booking.com, Expedia and other authentic websites or travel agencies.

4.Backyard Hotel:

The Backyard Hotel is situated in Chibihal Street of Thamel. This is a family hotel providing the quiet and peaceful environment. The hotel has been rated with a 4.5 star for its amenities like laundry, breakfast, restaurant, bar, friendly staff, room service, and wifi.

The price of the room range between $18 USD to $40 USD while it may vary according to the tourist season. The rooms can be booked through Trip Advisor, bookings.com, and several other authentic websites.

5.Hotel Encounter Nepal:

Located in between of Thamel street, Hotel Encounter Nepal has got optimistic feedback as the most appropriate and best-budgeted hotels in Kathmandu. The hotel has got certified as an excellent hotel for its family and homely atmosphere provided to the visitors.

The hotel provides a luxury room service, the bona fide delicacy of Nepalese food at its restaurant, power-packed WIFI, timely airport transfers, spa, refrigerator in rooms, laundry service and much more.

The rates of the room start from $25 USD to $68 USD depending on the types of room and season you select to stay in Kathmandu valley. The hotel can be booked via Trip Advisor, booking.com, and Expedia.

Well, these were the few fives budgeted hotels inside the Kathmandu valley. Will be updating more beautiful and pocket-friendly hotels inside the Kathmandu valley so that the travelers and backpackers can affordably reside inside the valley with the best service.

Kathmandu city can be visited in any month. The weather of Kathmandu is moderate from March to June, Rainy in July to September and autumn in October and Winter in November to Feb. All the travelers are requested to bring a set of warm clothes for during night and morning the weather sometimes is cold.  Happy stay in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Top Five pocket friendly places to Eat when inside the Kathmandu Valley?

Food tourism has become a trending aspiration for the travelers. At present travelers are not only exploring the streets and culture of particular destinations but are also seeking to embrace their taste bud with the local cuisines of the country. So keeping the budgeted travelers in mind I bring you some of the best affordable eating spots (restaurants, cafes) which are below $5 USD dollars and which gives you a smacking experience.

1.BOTA, the MO: MO (dumpling) hub:

Bota “Simply MO: MO” is one of the finest dumpling eating places in Kathmandu. With its several outlets situated in Anamnagar, Basantapur, Kamalpokhari it has been serving its customer’s momo licious (dumpling ci ous) assortment. The station serves you several options of MO: MO from Jhol Momo (Soupy Dumplings) to Crunchy Dumplings to Jumbo Mo: mo.

The quick service system, an airy sitting arrangements and pocket-friendly food menu have made it a best Mo: mo station in town. With the use of rich Nepalese texture in the food and authentic serving style yes I consider this place to be my regular junction. Besides Mo: mo, BOTO serves you hygienic vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian stick foods, noodles, burger and fried rice.  The price of the food range from $2 USD – $3 USD and it opens from 11:00 am to 20:30 pm.

2.Tip Top, the Samosa Galli:

Tip top has its own uniqueness of serving the hot Licious samosas ( a fried dish with savoury fillings of potatoes, chickpeas, and spices). What makes the dish so special is their unique spicy tangy sweet sauce with the hot samosas serving. The price of samosa range Rs.25-30 per piece (Nepalese Currency) which is just a few USD cents.

The shop is located on a narrow street of New Road right across Bishal Bazar complex. It is one of the most crowded eatery shops and has limited seats. So, visitors, “standing and eating” principle applies there. It is a pure vegetarian place and is open from 7 a.m to 20:00 p.m. One more thing if you are unable to locate the place you can ask any random passerby they will guide you towards the destination.

3.Laphing, at the Laphing house:

Located right inside the territory of Basantapur, the Laphing house has been serving all kinds of Laphing ( A Tibetan food) delicacy to its customers. The food consists of a noodle made from potato starch or flour soaked in vinegar, spices and is served cold.

The food costs you less than $1 USD and gives you a mesmerizing local culinary experience. The place is clean and hygienic and has been serving both vegan and non-vegan laphing followed by Hukka since several years.

4.Thakali food, at Tukuche Thakali Kitchen:

Thakali foods got originated inside the Kathmandu valley from the Mustang District of Nepal. Tukuche Thakali Kitchen successfully brought the Thakali eating culture and has been serving the platter since 1997 to the localities and the visitors across the globe. The Kitchen serves you with all kind of meals from the Thakali background and allows you to experience the cultural taste of the Mustang region.

The Kitchen is located at Gairidhara, Kathmandu and is open from 11 a.m to 21:00 p.m. The dinner for one costs you around $5 USD which in my opinion is somewhat under your budget.

5.Bajeko Sekuwa, for meat cravers:

A nice dinner, lunch or breakfast, Bajeko Sekuwa has forever been serving its customer since decades. The corner servers several meat items spiced in their own special herbs due to which the venture has successfully become a landmark for the non-vegetarians.

The restaurants have outlets in areas like Anamnagar, Sinamangal, Baneswor, and Gairidhara. The restaurant is quite trendy and serves all kinds of snacks, lunch, and dinner. While the authentic Nepali lunch and dinner set costs you around $4 USD the snacks and drink costs around $2 USD.

Well, the above five eating places are some of the renowned and pocket-friendly places for the food travelers. I hope when you visit Nepal you will go and enjoy the places and obviously give me some positive feed backs about your stay in Kathmandu along with your foodie experience! Have a great culinary experience and will be posting more!